wind-driven ventilator that is installed on the roof top or on the wall to provide effective ventilation for all kinds of buildings. A good choice to get clean air, to increase working effect and to get good working environments.


1,Roof turbine ventilator can absorb the hot air, moisture, dust, foul smell, smoke from residence and from kitchen chimneys of workshops automatically, also it can decrease indoor noise, increase light.

2,Roof top exhaust fan runs automatically all the time and no stop according to natural weather; It doesn't need any power, saving energy and cost.

3,It is installed on the top of buildings or on the wall with good appearance.

4,Simple and convenient installation, No Operational and Maintenance Costs.

5,No roof leaking, 100% waterproof result with raining or snowing weather.

6,Enhances the architectural and aesthetic appearance of buildings.

7,It suits all roof types with slopes from zero to 22.5degree.

8,Precision steel bearings imported from abroad.

9,Improves efficiency of air conditioning. Where ducted air conditioning is installed at home. It will lower roof space temperatures, thereby reducing the level of heat exchange occurring between air in the attic and the cool air carried within the ducting system. This in turn causes less strain on the air-conditioner unit.


You can let me know your warehouse area and temperature and so on and then we can help you to choose the right item and quantity.

Model NoOuter diameter(mm)Throat diameter(mm)Wind speed(mm)Air flow(m3/h)

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