Dongguan Changrun is in line with the requirements of modern society development, is environmentally friendly,

low-carbon life of the product is widely used in agriculture, animal husbandry, flowers, textiles, glass, painting, silk screen, toys,

household appliances, shoes , printing, food, plastics, dyeing, laundry and other high-temperature factory floor and polluting gas or odor thick, dusty place.

We provide solutions are ideally designed for various areas for specific applications.

Scope Categories Required Level Galvanized sheet suction fan applies to the following areas
Crowded places ***** Auditoriums, conference rooms, churches, schools, cafeteria, gymnasium, exhibition hall, shoe factories, garment factories, toy factories, markets, cafes, etc.
Polluting gas odor and dust big place ***** Hospital lobby, waiting room, kitchen, chemical plants, plastic plants, electronic factories, chemical plants, tanneries, spraying silk screen factory, rubber plants, dye houses, textile mills, plant breeding, etc.
Dust larger establishments ***** Mechanical processing plant, injection plants, electroplating plants, metallurgical plants, printing, food processing, glass, home appliances and other production workshop.
Cultivation of agricultural research centers or bases ***** Chicken farms, pig farms, greenhouses, etc.