Q1: Does the evaporative cooling pad need to be wet all over to work correctly?

Yes. The pad must be completely wet for optimal cooling conditions.

Q2: Does the evaporative cooling system need to bleed off any of its water?

The pad needs to bleed off between 2% and 3% of its water or the pad will start to collect mineral deposits blocking the flutes or openings making it harder to allow air to pass through.

Q3: How many times a day do you need to dry out your evaporative cooling pad?

You need to dry out your pad at least one time per day to reduce and deter algae growth and increase the life of the pad.

Q4: How long does the evaporative cooling pad itself last?

The lifespan of your pad will depend on many factors including water quality and proper maintenance. Evaporative cooling pad will last 5-7 years with good PH (between 6 and 8) and a good maintenance program. If pads are not properly maintained they may only last 3 years or less.

Q5: What voltages you can do , if you can make special voltages ?

Almost all kinds of voltages we all can make , but for special voltages , we have a big MOQ and maybe price will be a little higher . Our normal voltage is 380V 50HZ 3phase .

Q6: Can you cheaper?

A: We have many quality stage products for client choose , different stage price will be different , if you really want low price we will suggest you choose lower stage product , in our company , we don't have bad quality products , you can reassure about the quality .

Q: Are you a trading company or a factory ?

A: We have our own factory,but for easy shipping , we use trading company.