Use of air convection suction fan, negative pressure ventilation ventilation cooling principle to super suction, by the installation of the door or window locations quickly inhale fresh air, indoor heat, odor, quickly exhausted to the outside, any poor ventilation problems can be a good improvement.


1) Frame using advanced automatic processing technology, thick hot galvanized plate, resistance strong.

2) High-strength steel contour.

3) New twist stamping stainless steel blades, reasonable leaf angle, allows the air flow to achieve the best level.

4) Stainless steel fan louvers unique opening and closing mechanism to ensure the window completely open and close the shutters closed play after rain, dust, foreign body, anti-down effect of wind.

5) Rear fan can be a safety net for easy removal.

6) 40cm thick galvanized plate fan, high total pressure, air volume, low noise, low power consumption, stable operation, long life and other characteristics.

7) Fan is a double weight pulley, so the belt will not fall off.


Dongguan Changrun exhaust fan is in line with the requirements of modern society development, is environmentally friendly, low-carbon life of the product is widely used in agriculture, animal husbandry, flowers, textiles, glass, painting, silk screen, toys, household appliances, shoes , printing, food, plastics, dyeing, laundry and other high-temperature factory floor. and polluting gas or odor thick, dusty place, almost all require cooling, ventilation, ventilation of the premises can be used.


Whether your project requires a standard catalogue fan or a custom engineered solution,we encourage you to contact us to see how we can help you choose the right exhaust fans.

Model Specifications

Blade diameter


Fan speed


Motor speed


Air volume




Input power




Dimensions (mm)
Length x width x thickness

CR-800(29") 710 660 ≥1400 22000 60 370 ≤60 800x800x400
CR-900(30") 750 630 ≥1400 28000 65 550 ≤65 900x900x400
CR-1000(36") 900 610 ≥1400 30000 70 550 ≤70 1000x1000x400
CR-1060(38") 1060 600 ≥1400 31000 70 750 ≤70 1060x1060x400
CR-1100(40") 1000 600 ≥1400 32500 70 750 ≤70 1100x1100x400
CR-1220(44") 1100 460 ≥1400 38000 73 1100 ≤70 1220x1220x400
CR-1380(50") 1250 439 ≥1400 44000 56 1100 ≤70 1380x1380x400
CR-1530(56") 1400 325 ≥1400 55800 60 1500 ≤70 1530x1530x400

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50 inch industrial exhaust fan,greenhouse ventilation fans

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